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18 June 2007


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Where are those shoes from, they are lovely! Oh, I'm glad you like the tape, very cool!


Ah that tape! AND THOSE SHOES!!!!


my next door neighbor has those same shoes...in green...i covet them. you absolutely must divulge what they are.


lurrrrrrve your new shoes

Rose Vintage

Love the ceramics....always dangerous when I start checking on the blog where I can buy them
I live and die in my Crocs at the moment, a habit I think I have to get out of 'cos I want to wear them all the time, they are sooo comfortable. I like the sound of your new shoes in green....can you tell me what make they are?



I think your shoes are verrrry nice. I was about to buy myself some crocs - after having ribbed my husband mercilessly last summer - but I think yours are much prettier!

Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy every now and then - and besides, everyone needs shoes ...


Ooooh I know what you mean about the not buying it kick. I have fabulous will power until it runs out and then I seem to buy twice as much to make up for thre previous deprivation. I'm sure it doesn't help ,y bank balance at all.

Really groovy shoes. I might try and find some.


ok. let's go now.

And I almost bought the same shoes. In green!!!


oh the shoes, the shoes, the shoes...and the tape is very nice too but the el naturalista shoes are too gorgeous for words (you can tell I'm a bit of a shoe nerd as I know my brands!!).


Love the tapes and the shoes. I've given in to the croc phenomenon but those are more attractive (could I hide them in the wardrobe I wonder?)

I too have suddenly gone shop mad after all of 4 weeks deprivation and smugness. Will I ever learn?

Julia x


I love those shoes (and the tape soo cute!) where did you get them from?


Very dangerous indeed!


shopping? - i'd like nothing more!!! the shoes are great!


That tape is so cute! I found some measuring tape twill tape a few months back and was so happy!

Crabby Amy

I have been out of town for a couple of days and just before I left I felt the need for new shoes and just bought the exact same pair!!!! :)

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