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25 June 2007


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Interesting! You should also have a look at Reader's Digest publication "The Cookery Year" (ISBN 0 340 17759 4) which leads the reader through the culinary maze on a month-to-month (UK seasons) basis. It's ancient, 1st Edition 1973, but it is still very pertinent.


I love the book from the cover alone. (Yes, I do judge books by their cover). I must have strips quilts on my mind, because it looks just like a very delicious one to me.


I have a bit of a cookbook addiction, too. I even have some stored in my (easily accessed) attic. My favorites are the old booklet ones that came with appliances. To use the recipes I do a lot of substituting oil for shortening or lard! Yikes.

My favorite cookbook is one that my sisters put together with family recipes. It has our traditional birthday cake (angel food), my mom's Saturday bread, one-bowl brownies, etc. It's all the things we grew up eating and crave now that we are on our own. Comfort food. Of course, none of it tastes as good as when mom makes it. It also has our own contributions of favorites, and fills a three-ring binder.


This is my philosophy too, it becomes a slight problem though when my the pages of my favourite recipe are stuck together with the ingredients involved!


that sounds great. And sensible, which lets face it, not all cookery books are.


I really have to go and have a look at this and make a decision. I have her Bold and Beautiful Garden book, lovely most inspiring!


I could do with that book. With Greek parents-in-law who grow everything in their back garden we usually have an abundance of whatever is in season. We have just had broccoli by the bucket load - which I love, but really you can run out of ideas of what to do! I actually made broccoli risotto which was delishh!! Now we are getting cabbages - any ideas?


That does look like a wonderful book...and I had the same reaction as Megan! What an inspiring cover for quilters. I am not a quilter, but hope to learn one of these days.


Oh, I desperately want this cookbook! Although, I suppose I can wait a year or two until we have the time and money to get our edible garden off the ground. We had one in New Hampshire, but moving to Maryland knocked everything off-kilter. Sigh. (We used to harvest the most amazing squash and strawberries, among other things, from our garden.)

Angel Jem

I read this book today in a school where the book people had brought it in on offer at.... £11! Instead of £30, that's quite a saving. I'm off to look at their website & see if it's available there! Happy hunting! Oh, by the way, it did look good & I have some space.....


I really like the idea of a cutting garden, but for some reason my husband looked horrified when I told him my plan was to dig up a big chunk of the lawn to plant flowers for cutting.

My favourite thing on the lines of home grown veg is competitions to grow the largest onion and so on - there's one at the annual gardener's weekend in Saffron Walden that is just classic! My tatty peas & beans will never win prizes but they do taste good ...

And I too have far more cookbooks than I can ever use. Doesn't stop me buying more though!

Rose Vintage

Must have a look for this book as I am always searching for recipes when I have a glut of something in the veggie patch. I have 'The Great Vegetable Plot' by Sarah Raven. Great book, helped me a great deal when I was first trying to grow veggies. Perch Farm is just up the road from where we live and I'm ashamed to say I have never visited it!



It is always delightful to read about someone else who has fantastical dreams of their everyday lives, and also doesn't believe in the declutter trend that has captured the planet at the moment. I like the cosy feel of having my stuff around me, so another cookbook, yeah sounds good to me! I grew up reading The Cookery Year and still love it (my dad is English, and well I've always been a nerd!), sounds like a wonderful book. It also reminds me of Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Campanion, a bible downunder.


I've just discovered Sarah Raven and don't yet have the book (am leaving lots of hints around for my husband - hope he gets the idea before my birthday!). She also has a great website and has just launched a lovely housewares / gardening collection (I couldn't resist her provencal pitcher and salad bowl)

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