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08 June 2007


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gah. what a great package!

ooo... alicia lives just down the street. i bet she'll at least let me take a look at charlie and lola! ;-)

Alicia A.

Woooooooo Hoooooooo! I'm so excited!

(Of course those people are swigging vodka. It would be boring to be too perfect. You'd have to find something to occupy your time.)


love your seven things - but I may beat you on the skanky pajamas front - mine have holes in all the wrong places.

Having total apoplexy at the gorgeous gifts. Martha Stewart Crafts, scrumptious fabric and braid all in the one parcel! Oh my!! oh my!!


good random stuff! i have skanky jams, too...


oh don't worry I'd be proper stuffed, I often don't bother with the jammies and would frighten then poor sods if they came to evacuate me!!!


Hee! I too don't trust the perfectos-they're hiding something. What gorgeous gifts!


I will dilligently work to identify and iluminate every flaw.

Maybe we could make it into a Holiday. Flaw Celebration Week anyone?


Nice one Ali! YOur 7 things are very entertaining. I let out a snort of delight at the Hypercolour t-shirt retort of your neighbour.


I just hopped over from small fox's blog and I have to say I'm loving it here. The best random 7 I've seen: Official secrets act...? I so want to know why! And number 7 is just too true.


i like to think my life is perfect and I can only do this whilst drinking vodka...or gin, I'll take anything.

And that baby thing...I get that! I held a new born the other day and it was such an uncomfortable feeling.


I'm a bone gnawing from way back too. I'm very jealous of your fabric et al. Very jealous.


I'd be whooping too! What a great bunch of fabrics.


I loved your 7 random facts and I agree particularly about people with flaws - perhaps that's because I have so many (minor ones I add) myself!!

The package looks great! I would love to go to Japan!


I just received my prize from the Lotta Jansdotter flickr pool and I LOVE IT! Such inspirational pictures and wonderful projects. Thank you thank you thank you for your extreme generousity!


I love your facts - the official secrets act's very intriguing (really not sure on that spelling!) and what a lovely package.


fab package.

ANd I knew there was something about you!! you're a secret agent!!! you're spying on all of us in blogland...



Loved your 7 random stuff!
Alison x


OMG - love all the Japanese goodies - lucky you.

I never signed the Official Secrets Act but when I was working for the Britsh Embassy in Tokyo they wouldn't let me go through Russia on the train! In the end I remembered I hadn't signed anything so it was OK. Not that I was going to let them stop me.


My husband still wears his penguin cake bar t-shirt that was out at the same time as the global hypercolour t-s and changed colour too (long ago) so you aren't alone! in fact most of his clothes are skanky...


My mum crunches bones. While I have no problem with it in theory (you're eating a dead animal, may as well get the most nutrients you can out of it, seems only respectful to me) in reality, the sound sends shudders throughout my entire body.

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