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07 June 2007


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Violet  Rose

My girls would love it, and they are girls who love pirates too! Go figure!


Us! Us! Us! (And if we don't win, can I send you some Paypal with instructions to buy for us? My Lola would flip her lid for a copy of this.) Why don't they merchandise anything good over here???


don't enter me, but thanks for letting me know, we will get one at Sainsburys after school!


My oldest would flip for this. He's watching Charlie & Lola now. Them plus pirates would make his day!


I'm with Sarah - why don't they send the good stuff over here, too? Please add us to the drawing!


I'm in! We love crafts of any sort.




My little one likes to growl like she imagines pirates do...

Alicia A.

Pink milk is my favorite and my best.



my 4 year old (okay, and me too), would be thrilled to get this - i've looked everywhere, and we simply cannot get them in the States... :(
I second sarah by stating that i'll pay for a copy as well! :)


aarrrrgh, matey. pretty please...


Charlie & Lola! Charlie & Lola! Can I have that magazine pleassssssseeeee. *drool*


Guess why I just turned on the TV for the kiddos? Oh, pick me, pick me....!


I am entering my name but will understand if you want to disqualify anyone who is international shipping. :) I'm in the U.S.
great stuff, I love your blog!


Oh yes please! I've been hounding my local newsagents to get it, with no luck. So I'll try my luck here. Thanks for being so generous!


I'm sure my two would fight over this....I'm willing to take the risk though!


charlie and lola stuff - you are the best Ali!! Please enter me and the little expats into the draw

Crabby Amy

Looks fantastic...especially since we don't get it here and my oldest is still going strong with a pirate phase! :) Hope all is well in your household now that your hubby is back...had a good sympathy chuckle over your last post!


I swear, I'm not trying to enter twice, I've just come back to tag you, sorry.
The rules are simple: You must list 7 random things about you and then pass it on to 7 other blogs, linking to the blogs in your own blog and also telling them about it on their blog.


Oh Charlie and Lola are my daughter's favourites. We just bought the 5th DVD yesterday, and I must admit I love them too. What a wonderful prize to give away, you are so generous.


ohhh we all love Charlie & Lola at our house!!


Oh how lovely! Please pop my name in the hat!


that looks pretty cool, I might have to go out and buy one!!!

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