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17 June 2007


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hey! i like his shorts. and they match his shirt. kinda. sorta. okay, maybe not.

but still! happy father's day.

Alicia A.

Happy Father's Day! And don't let her steer you wrong- the shorts are cool. ;)


Ha ha! That cracks me up! My poor husband is too scared to buy clothes by himself after 24 yrs of marriage!

Happy Father's Day - I think the shorts are great :)


My husband has worn far worse shorts than that in his time. Actually, I have MADE far worse shorts for him than those!

I'm glad you all had a Happy Father's Day.


Happy Farther's Day. All he needs is a Scottish pom pom hat on his head!


Aww - such a sweet father's day - mini golf is such a fun thing - nice pictures too --. Add me to the list that like the shorts. Better than plain ol' khaki.


Looks like a happy day was had by all!

The shorts comment made me laugh alot!


Cute father's day present!

And the shorts are nice...

At least your husband didn't buy a pinstripe, urban, 'Beck' looking rocker pants. No, that was my husband. ::sigh::

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