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12 June 2007


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Rose Vintage

Hey Ali, just read your previous post and I hope all goes well for you all tomorrow. As per one of the posts, Rescue Remedy is fantastic. Believe me I have used it many times!
On a lighter note, I love the pressies you received today especially the chicken brooch! Enjoy your ice-cream!



I happy mail day indeed. Chickens, you know, are known for their outstanding courage and wisdom, not to mention grace under fire, so wear that sucker tomorrow (today?) and you'll be bullet proof.

How did your ice cream make it to the freezer? Mine never gets that far.


Love all of the goodies you got...Lucky you!! :)


That was SOME MAIL! Good presents, I say. :D


Hope all goes well for tomorrow. I've been that blubbering mess over DS#1 when I had to fight to get him referred about him being dyslexic. Thinking of you. xxx


Sometimes for me the not knowing and second guessing is worse than the truth. At least when you know where you're starting from you'll have somewhere to go (if you know what I mean).

Good luck, we're all rooting for you

Julia x


I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope it goes well.
Although I haven't practiced for a couple years, I am an OT and have worked a lot with kids in the autism spectrum. As some others have mentioned, preparing yourself with lots of information will certainly help you feel more in control.
As sad as this may be, having a parent who is prepared, involved and obviously willing to do what's best for their child can be a good motivator for the evaluator to take a more careful look.


Hello, sending you all good wishes for tomorrow. I second the Rescue Remedy recommendation - it works and it tastes of brandy and has got me through lots of rotten stuff.

That is a very cute chicken brooch, enough to make anyone smile!




I love pinocho stuff, it's amazing. The chicken broach is cool too. I like it's feet best !


Ooooh, lovely goodies! Glad to hear that you've lined up the ice-cream and no store bought rubbbish either! Good luck Ali X


Sending pixie dust for tomorrow. Isn't the pinoccio tape cute? I gave one to my mother in law for Christmas last year.


Hi Ali,

Hope it went ok today. I'll be thinking of you. My eldest has an A.S. disorder too and was only diagnosed last year so I understand exactly how you guys are feeling right now.

The comment about reading up is sooo spot on. Be the best advocate for your child and remind all professionals that whilst they have a whole career to figure out how to get it right - this is it for you and the little guy. You only have the here and now to work with. I found that it was helpful to remind people of this when they dismissed my concerns or gave me pithy advice.

You'll be fine - don't forget we're all rooting for you. x


good vibes coming your way. thinking about you today...


thinking of you today and sending hugs. cool presents and homemade ice cream is the best!


Hope everything went OK today.


glad you like..


What a delightful chicken! And that tapemeasure is just hilarious :)

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