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18 May 2007


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Awww...so cute and so nice when they notice details.


ok so I should have read this post, before posting on the last post - duh! Not sure if maybe you would be interested in a swap for the charlie & lola mag? just a thought.



love it.

sometimes you just have to make the little occasions pretty.

(and are they eating mac + cheese? :)


I love this setting, those flowers are so sweet. I often put out a candle and some napkins these days, makes dinner something special.


I can't believe I missed the Charlie and Lola giveaway...Bummer! We are huge fans in this house and it will probably be 3 years until they reach my local supermarket...but my eyes look left to the other commenters and I see there are more Aussies admiring the craft of C&L!

The boys are so cute....my two ran around the house tonight with their pants off and laughed at each other's buts while we tried to finish dinner! First class eating at our house!


That's so nice. It is a nice reminder that even kids appreciate a nicely served meal. It was my new year's resolution and I have certainly let it fall by the wayside... Thanks for the inspiration.


The boys look so grown up there at their candlelit dinner - looks yummy! We tend to opt for picnic variety tea here - must try out a civilised meal for a change!


So sophisticated!

And thanks for the Housemartin link!


What a lovely picture of the little fellas!


so cute!


What a cute photo! My son loves it if we put candles on the table, it makes it feel extra special!

Like you I keep picking things out of the garden and puttinh them in jugs etc. - it's saving me a fortune on flowers!



Awwww, beautiful flowers and cute children - what more could you hope for at dinner time?

What are those cuttings by the way? They're really, really pretty.


The table looks lovely and so do your boys!

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