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17 May 2007


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Oh my, yes! What with there being an actual Lola in our house, we're very big Charlie & Lola fans. VERY big.


Oh what fun that sounds. We would love to be crafty with Charlie and Lola. Just think of all the wonky things we could make.


My son is a huge Charlie and Lola fan. This would be right up his alley!


You're such a kind mummy! My poor daughter was dragged away by her cruel harridan of a mother because I didn't realise it was a crafty type magazine. We'll certinly get it next week!

Julia x


Oh my goodness! We love Charlie and Lola in this house. My son has even incorporated several of those great C&L phrases into his vocabulary. The other day he was running around and announced, "I'm faster than a speedy, speedy cheetah!"

And, because I don't see a box for an email address on this form, mine is megan@mfiles.us. ::crosses fingers::

creating from scratch

Yes, yes. I read about this the other day but didn't see it in the shop. I am, er, I mean - MY DAUGHTER IS - a huge Charlie and Lola fan. (Yes, I really do have a 4-year old girl) ;)


prairie adores charlie and lola, and claris bean as well. thanks ali, fingers crossed!



Wow, that looks like fun...and I don't think we could find that here! We're in! (ljm27@juno.com)


Oh wow! I would certainly love to get that magazine! And even if you don't pick us as the lucky winners, would it be possible to do a swap of some sort for another copy the next time you get to the store?

(I think I linked to my email address... but you're right, this is Blogger after all... I can always resend if need be.)


Too cute! I had no idea they had those.


well done you! Its very thoughtful indeed so yes please and if for some reason it isn't my lucky day which supermarket is it from? :)


me! me! me!


I love Charlie and Lola! What a fun find!


It is cool isn't it. My son had great fun with it, and now my house is covered with glitter (again)


When you mix Charlie Lola, craft AND mermaids you're on a winner in this house. Hours of entertainment!


Tilly has been into all things crafty lately. Scissors, stickytape, drawing, you name it. I've been buying up those kiddy supermarket magazines so she doesn't hound me for sweets - I haven't seen the Charlie and Lola ones though! Please count me in!



oh I love charlie and lola.

er, I mean my kids love it...

okay, its one of my favorite kids shows, so there.

plus its the name of one of my kiddos too, heehee...


We just love Charlie and Lola at our house! Enter us, Please!


Charlie & Lola do crafts sounds like fun! Please add us into the drawing!


Oh fun, please put my name in the hat!

Anne Margaret

How much FUN!! Please add me to the pool of Charlie and Lola fans! tabewhiteATgmailDOTcom.

Violet  Rose

ChaRliE & LolA aRe ouR FavOuRitE AnD Our BeSt.

And we could sit down and make all the things with our friend, Soren Lorenson.

And I would be indebted to you for life ....


We love charlie and lola! Looks like fun. (wardstormsATcomcastDOTnet)


Oh Wow - we only get UK's Heat, OK, Hello etc in Singapore so this is special! Charlie and Lola are FAMOUS in our house, especially as Little Leather Man's best mates are Charlie and Lola in real life. He and Lola had their joint 4th party only last weekend. Count me in for the lucky dip - I'm putting a request in to Grandma in UK for future copies too. xx



if i'm not too late - count me in!


Oh, please enter my name too! Mum has sent a few kiddy magazines over for my son, but no Charlie & Lola. Which shop did you find it at?


My daughter LOVES Charlie and Lola (frankly, so do I! :)) ... and after some research found that I can't buy it in the States yet.... :(


LOVE Charlie & Lola (so does Lexie!!!)


Oh, please sign me up! I am not afraid to say how in love I am with Charlie and Lola. Have you seen the Princess and the pea book by the same illustrator, so lovely!


oh please, please, please pick me! My kids would be so extreemly happy if they won - Jayden is my oldest at four years and Chelsea is two - they LOVE Charlie & Lola. They are, as Jayden reminds me almost daily, "just like Charlie & Lola" - please grant our wish!


is it too late? I have a daughter who would love this, and I have not seen that yet where I live :)

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