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24 May 2007


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Oh that looks great! I have been meaning to make sunhats both for myself and my little mice (they seem to lose at least one a week). I really should get on with it while the sun is still shining.

Hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are pure misery.

Angel Jem

That hat is so cool! I keep meaning to go to Ikea at the start of every fiscal month & keep getting way-laid (life gets in the way).... but the fabrics are calling me....

Rose Vintage

The Ikea fabrics look great, I'm going to have to check them out I think....still seriously tempted by the Lotta/Amy books, might have to wait 'til next month though....
The hat looks really great despite your phobia and good choice of fabric (again). I loved the lounge pant material as well. Glad you are feeling a bit better now...



Awesome hat - you're sewing up a storm over there - next you'll be throwing away the Boden and White stuff catalogues! Hope you make a full recovery in time for the weekend - we've got snotty lurgies too - just in time for half term - oh deep joy!!


Ali the hat looks fantastic - so you are the one to blame for the rubbish weather we are supposed to have over the Bank Holiday weekend!


oh i love it!
and how brilliant about the plastic patterns- mine always die a pin stuck crumpled death!


Great hat! Hope you get over the stinky cold.
Got rid of my cold, now the sneezy, itchy nasal condition known as hayfever has moved into my sniuses, yuk!

odd dotty

That! That is so stinkin' cute!


Okay, seriously, this is getting stupid: stop making me want to buy books, patterns and fabric! Still... haaaat. Cuuuute haaat. And I could make it smaller to fit my child-sized head (hats never fit). And, umm, I would be supporting the economy. Right?!


aaaaiiiieee!!! love! love! love!


Wow, it's soooooo coool Ali!


What a beautiful hat....I'd like to see what you come up with when you aren't feeling ill!


If you used a waterproof fabric, the design could also be used for rather exotic plant pots!


You look gorgeous in that hat! Get well :(


The hat looks geat! Fab idea also about the plastic for the patterns.


I love the hat - fantastic. I must get hold of that pattern as I was thinking I would like to make similar things for the boys - as well as myself!


Ooooh I like that hat!


oh, that hat is so cute! love love the fabrics :)


wow, your hat is so proffessional !!!
It suits you loads .... - love Julia x


I love this hat! I want to make a hat soon too. Love those fabrics and thanks for the tip on the plastic patterns.


Wonderful hat - love the shape of it!


oops, that was me leaving a comment as "cookie". My mom was logged in on my computer and I forgot to log out.

Ahava Jora

I've perused Simple Sewing a few times. While it is inspiring, I haven't been able to justify actually buying it (I am a college student after all), but I've seen that hat around a few times now and it certainly is adorable. Maybe I'll splurge a bit when the doctor gives me the go ahead on sewing again.



Hope you feel better soon.


Lovely hat!


Very stylish and well made head gear, and fabulous choice of fabric.

Hope you feel tip-top soon. What a bummer; cheese is so yummy.



Your hat looks great, I have made a couple of these too, I love that big brim, makes me feel quite mysterious and I can't see any spots at all.


Fabulous hat, and great choice of fabric. Hope you soon feel better, there seems to be some rotten germs doing the rounds at the moment.


Nice hat! Now you can use your patten over and over again there's no excuse for not making one to go with every skirt you make ;)

Victoria May Plum

Cute hat x
How do you manage these things? you must have the sewing gene that I am sadly lacking.
Never mind,
p.s we have the Charlie and Lola magazine too, and I do believe that I am enjoying it rather more than the toddler!
Victoria x


the hat looks fab - nice fabric combo. and what a great idea for pattern tracing, i've been using non-iron interfacing for patterns, but see through is cool - very clever.


it looks awesome, & i feel the same for ikea prints...very fresh & interesting.
hope you feel better.


You are a sewing GENIUS!


Love the hat and it's not too large is it - I'd read on some other blogs that it came up too big (NOT implying that you have a big head by the way!).

Hope you're getting through the nice but wet bank holiday.......


ok - I'm blaming you for the rain now. ;)

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