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08 May 2007


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I love Cupcakes for Clara's work, it is amazing. The others are new to me so, being lazy will look at them first. I'm enjoying scentofwater.wordpress.com at the moment.
Congratulations on the thinking award!:)

tiel s-k

Well I think you did alright!


i'm going to have fun checking out some of these new blogs!

(lovely prints!)


congrats on the thinking award ali. Our schedule seems to be so hectic that I haven't been able to check out new blogs so thank you for sharing your new favs!


congrats on your thinking award and thank you for passing the baton on to me:) so so sweet.

i can totally relate to your "accepting compliments gracefully" thing...i have the same problem. lots of shifting...face turning red....and looking around. awkward. very awkward. actually i think i'm doing it right now:)

...off to check out your links...and that awesome etsy seller.


Thanks for sharing some new blogs - I love it when people recommend them.


Congratulations on your award. I think that your dovecote looks great.

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