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13 May 2007


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I am jealous, I can't imagine an afternoon to myself, that sounds so relaxing. Yay for you!

Ooh, I want to see your skirt, I love that pattern! I am always crushing on fabric and the Amy Butler one are lovely.


I am beyond jealous! A weekend of silence and peace and doing whatever you want! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Think I need that skirt pattern.


I liked reading your "findings". I really identified with them. So glad to hear you had a lovely weekend.


that is BLISS. And you owe him nothing. Good meals and clean clothes should be plenty!


that sounds amazing! glad you had a great weekend and can't wait to see the skirt!


I'm working on the pattern too but only got as far as cutting the pieces out.

Did the boys have as good a time as you?


Lucky you, I managed a day to myself thanks to my husband, I got so much crafting squeezed in :-) Can't imagine production rate with a whole weekend!!


Sounds like a blissful weekend - although I bet you're happy to have them back, absense making the heart grow fonder and all that! I like your discoveries and I definitely agree about the cooking - like you I suspect I wouldn't bother cooking if I was on my own. When you have a family what you put on their plates is an expression of how much you love them! Lovely fabrics - can't wait to see the skirt.


Ah, that sound like a very luxurious couple of days. Even better than a holiday (schelpping to the airport, schlepping to the hotel, schelpping to the...etc, etc, etc.)

I'm just the same with cooking, I also think that feeding friends and family it's one of the nicest ways to show you love and care, but given choice, (and with lots of WIPs) I'd happily pick at some ham and cheese!

I CAN'T wait to see your skirt, it will be the 1st UK made Barcelona skirt I've seen...


Loved your description of the great weekend. I totally relate to #1 - you said it so well. And I'd relate to the cooking thing except I don't do it enough even when the family is around... And also to the not having to answer questions thing. OMG, the questions! (and I only have 1)


Lucky lucky you!

Love the fabric - looking forward to seeing the skirt.

Angel Jem

A weekend... alone? Impossible! (but lovely!)


It sounds like you had a ball - although I am sure you were glad to see them home! I live alone and I agree cooking for yourself isn't up to much! That's why I like to invite friends over!!

Happy crafting! Can't wait to see your skirt!


I love amy's fabrics too - can't wait to see the skirt!


I can so agree with 1,2 & 3, (although I am assuming you didn't eat the fruit, popcorn and salami together?!). I feel lucky all the time for the wonderful family I have, and the joy of getting to do mainly what I like but I agree with Tiel, clean clothes and food should be enough!


oh good.... i thought i was the only one with a crush on amy butler fabric :) it's become a fab obsession now!


I think your skirt fits nicely and imagine it in Amy Butler Fabric? Love it too! The material Monica sent you is really nice - what is the name of the bird pattern? Very different.
Nice site... :o)

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