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03 April 2007


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Angel Jem

This is on the "Just do one area but do it perfectly" principle that reckons if you polish the piano no-one will notice the crap piled up underneath it, right?
My only advice (as a follower of this church) is make sure you have enough toilet roll, as it's the only thing you can't make in a hurry. Have a happy Easter, and the Bunny cosy is cute!


That bunny is just too cute.

Violet  Rose

No, surely not. Everyone will be too taken with it's cuteness. I must go make me some egg cozy's now and see if it will hide the dust in our house. Thanks for the tip.


Who even cares about all of that other stuff, as long as your eggs are well-dressed?


Cute! I love his lop-sided ears. They make him seem as though he's thinking very hard about keeping that egg cozy.


cleaning schmeaning.
that bunny is way cuter than a mop or broom.



And congratulations on your blog anniversary. Doesn't time fly?


Love your egg cosy - such a sweet little face! Hope you had a great time at Beale park - used to go there loads when I was growing up - loved the big stone frogs, all the animals and the paddling pools. Have fun over the Easter weekend x


We have the double whammy with Greek Easter this weekend as well. It makes for a very busy Sunday but at least the celebrations aren't at my house so the dust can remain where it is for now!
Love the bunny. I was sooo close to making your boys dinosaur egg cosies for our swap - do you want the pattern??


oh cute - I love it.

BTW - I haven't done anything much either but there is still time!


eee gads I love that little bunny cosy. It doesn't help that Easter moves around every year so it always takes me by surprise. I was kinda caught out with school breaking up for the holidays. N was very lucky he wasn't packed off this morning! Have a lovely Easter.


I agree with angeljem and greetingarts - don't worry about the dull housework, just provide a fantastic diversion and no one will notice!


oh my goodness, that is the sweetest bunny egg-cosy ever! Love the innocent face!


adorable. I'm with Angel Jem, as long as you have toilet paper you're set.


such a cool egg cosy !! Happy blog day one year old. Hope you've made yourself a cake to celebrate.


I love the egg cosy!! I am sure it won' t matter if nothing else is done - they will all be so in awe of the power of orange!!

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