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24 April 2007


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those buttons are lovely! looove the colors


What stunning buttons - lucky you!

Sweet Treat

Oooooh... this may sound strange, but those buttons look yummy!


yeah, removable lips is a touch creepy - but how cute is that?

nice haul.


oooo... i'm swooning. i had better go sit down and catch my breathe...

Old School Acres

LOL The lips were added when the beaver was done. Plus, I wasn't sure you wanted a beaver with kissy lips LOL


I'm still waiting to get my buttons in the mail. Yours are so pretty.


Your buttons are gorgeous!! I love antique buttons and you can see my latest lot I purchased from E bay on my blog clicky ...you'll need to scroll down the page to see them...just going to get a better look at your blog, it looks as if it holds a lot of interesting posts!

little special

Great buttons - the colours are beautiful.

Love the softie but I'm also a bit disturbed by the removable beaver lips - they did give me a laugh though!!!


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