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28 March 2007


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Funny conversation! You could always take the fish oil capsules, but they wouldn't be nearly as photogenic. Very cute packaging (considering what's inside the tin).


Oh, here is the big question:

* did you buy the sardines JUST so that you could take a picture and blog about them?


* did you actually buy them, intending to eat them?



those are cute! i'd totally buy those!

because my husband is a FREAK and will eat a container of sardines with his lunch. ewwwwww...


I have never seen sardines packaged so attractively...and that sounds like a conversation I would have with my husband.


I LOVE sardines!! Back when I was little I used to eat them straight from the can!! Yummy :)


That is a seriously cute tin. I love the colors and the little fishy border! You have a great eye!
Sadly, I do not like sardines anymore after being obsessed with them for my entire second pregnancy.
Tablets it is, for me.


Oh my,

My hubby is always rolling his eyes up at me when I end up spending loads of incessantly clicking away at everything (that's why he looks really...er...comfortable in his tux!).

It's a relief to know that there are more bemused hubbies of bloggers out there. Maybe a support group should be set up for them :)


Opps! I forgot to sign the guestbook!


yummy - sardines on hot buttered toast (got me through my second pregnancy too Krista). Had to laugh at the guilty tone to your part of the conversation - same thing happens here - H keeps walking in on me when I'm staging mini photo shoots - makes me awfully self concious! Still, I say it's important work, we're disseminating ideas, creating lively debate, encouraging new interests and taking pictures of wonderful sardine tins :)


My husband loves these tins - in fact I think you photographing them is nothing strange at all - in fact richie loves great packaging of anything - but there is always something about fish tins!!


I would *so* do the same thing. You know I would. But then I would have to find a neighbourhood cat to accidentally eat the contents.


that conversation sounds very familiar!!!

I hate sardines. But that box is very very cute.

Angel Jem

Your husband knows you have a blog?


We could have had that exact same conversation at our house.

Sweet Treat

That tin was just crying out for a photo!!! Love packaging.... it makes what is inside so much better! T


Yummy sardines and gorgeous tin!

G now asks before he eats or touches anything whether it has been photographed. At times he thinks I'm a freak and then posts like yours show up and show them to him to prove I'm not alone!


Your husband is back! Oh I do hope he brought you a lovely present

(sardines, mixed with mayo on toast - yummmy!)


That is such a cute container...I use to love sardines when growing up!


When you FINALLY come to visit I can show you our "pretty food cabinet" with glass doors.


this sounds familiar...I usually get a knowing smile and then some eye rolling when I start taking pics of "things"...he loves me really!

But, what a lovely shot!


It is worrying when you're a blogger how you start seeing everything through a lense isn't it? Get this - I had a dream the other night that I was at an Indian wedding - all glitz and gamour and I was saying "I don't have my digital camera and it would make such a good post"!! Crazy......


I love sardines! When I was a kid we used to eat them on Saltine crackers. I've never seen such a pretty can of sardines though

tiel S-K

the things WE do!


i love sardines...on toast they are the best!
glad to see Im not the only one!

cherry menlove

HAHAHAHAHAHA! How many times have I had a conversation like that with LBH?!?!?!?!?!
I'm not kidding though, that is one of the best looking sardine cans I have ever seen.

Cherry xx


But the little fishy border is so cute. I've not had sardines for years, but now I fancy some...


It is a lovely tin! my husband just doesn't 'get' my blog but then I can't see why he surfs forums about his car?! That for me is the fabness of blogging that something that so appeals to you that no one around you might appreciate, you can blog about and we all 'get it' and share the appreciation!


Oh my god... this exact conversation happened to me and my boyfriend last night. Well, except it wasn't sardines, it was some other random thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

simple me

Oh! The package is so nice...but how come I've never seen it around here? :)
My husband is the same ... sometimes I'm even sort of intimidated, ah!

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