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26 March 2007


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blue door lettings

I'm here looking for some cute felt bunnies I think I saw you made (or it as another blog and I'm going mad) I'd love to make some for my godchildren for Easter as they will be easy to post. Could you give me a clue as to where they are please?

If you need any help sewing IRL give me a ring and we can have a sew-in! Gorgeous skirt btw and I've never heard anything bad about Amy Butler patterns so it should be easy to follow.


When you make those beeeyoooootiful skirts, any chance you could run one up for me?!

Domestic Chicky

I too have been craving the skirt pattern since I first saw it. I adore the overlay worn with jeans...too adorable! Do you know when it is supposed to come out? If you haven't got someone to swap with, I would love to! I just made the apron in Amy's book, and can't wait to try more patterns!


It's those lounge pants I'm really dying for. They look so comfy in a non tracksuit pant kind of a way. Are they easy to make? Do they look as good on as they do hanging up? Do you think I could wear them all the time, everywhere?


I see some other folks have beat me to it, but I'll be happy to swap with you for the pattern!


Love love love the pants!


Holy Cow! THAT FABRIC!!! I'm LICKING my computer screen!!!!!!!!
What is it? WHERE DO I GET IT???

Violet  Rose

Yes, I get it with the skirt. Very nice. And those pants are just screaming out to be lounged around in. Very nice. As for the fabric, I'm sure that Sew Mama Sew is getting some Amy Butler in soon. I nearly always buy my fabric on-line. So exciting when that parcel arrives!


Oh I saw that fabric last week, but couldn't justify buying it, as I didn't have any plans for it. Now I want that skirt. I'd be happy to send the pattern, I'm going to have to buy one for myself!


they do look very comfy (the lounge trousers) and very chic. And I love the skirt.

tiel s-k

and make some for me too please. You have never sewn from a pattern before?? OK, neither have I. Just once, and if it wasn't for my mother I would have tossed those sweet little kids pjs in the rubbish bin.

I love your pants, and that skirt is so drooly. Amy Butler has great things. I'd love to make something like that. If the skirt is easy, then I might just make myself something one day too! Let me know.

Rose Vintage

I fell in love with this fabric and the pattern when I first saw it. Managed to get the fabric ok but could not get the pattern! Any ideas when it will be available in the UK?


I TOLD YOU to buy the fabric... see what happens when you don't listen to friends? eh?

those pants are gorgeous. YOu beat me to them... I'm waiting for my parents to arrive and took care of the monsters, I mean children.

Love the fabric you choose... love it.


Ali, your pants are gorgeous! Love the fabric. Looks like you may be covered on the pattern swap - but happy to swap if you need to. I also am looking for the felt bunnies! I visited the blog a few days ago, Parker and I are in the process of making some and I wanted to link to the originator!!


Love the pants. You are quite right to be chuffed with them they are gorgeous.

The skirt would really suit you so you must make it and heck if it means coming to London to purchase the fabric then so be it. Or I could be your proxy purchaser - but that would take away some of the fun wouldn't it?


I know what you mean about that skirt! I've been eyeing it up since I saw it on her inspirations page. I'm dying to get fabric for it..could you tell me what the yardage is for the tiered xs/s size? Thanks!

Oh and I totally love those lounge pants. The fabric is so beautiful!


The pants are beautiful! Don't know what chuffed means, but it sure is a cool sounding word.

p.s. The ink I use on twill tape is dye-based and needs to be heat set. It's downstairs in my heap of craft stuff, and I'm too lazy to go get it right now, but I'll get back to you :)


Lovely lounge pants sweetie, well done you :-)


Ali, I love the trousers/culottes and that fabric - you must tell me where you got it from - please? It's so lovely and the colour is right up my street.


Oh they are lovely. I am desperately awaiting that pattern too, I have been sort of stalking the site waiting for it to become available.


I bought some Amy Butler fabric from a US Ebayer, it came really quickly and was a great price because of the exchange rate. Of course I haven't actually cut into it yet!


I'm longing for loungers.... I'm brand new to sewing with patterns too, and those amy butler lounge pants are JUST what I want to live in this summer. I was eaten alive by mosquitoes last summer and want to keep my legs covered. You did a beautiful job!


preciosa la tela, linda la falda!!!

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