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24 March 2007


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I love kids books, they're so clever and funny, and they come with pictures. What can beat that? I think we probably have at least as many kids' books in our house as adults' books.


Thanks for the book review (I love those illustrations). You can definitely never have too many books! I like looking at Amy's bookshelf as it's a kind of history of her life so far. Some of the books, like Miffy and Maisy mouse are now grown out of but still deserve their place on the shelves as they hold such lovely memories of warm, snuggly storytimes pressed between their well-worn pages!


That sounds like a wonderful book, I may have to pre-order it (not available yet here)soon! And thats an awesome stash for Mark, let us know which were especially good.


Yes we have that book and all Oliver Jeffers books come to think of it! They are all just so wonderful and he is from this part of the world! Have you seen the other ones - 'Lost and Found' and 'How to Catch a Star'. I would recommend them :)


Big Huge Kid Book fan.. my whole family ( except me and one younger siter) writes those things.. Oliver Jeffers is really a great one.

Did Anyone recommend "Pete's a Pizza" for the 6 year old boy? Funny.

I also started reading chapter books to Jake at that age. Cricket In Times Square, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Charlotte's Web.. All that stuff. Now he has reread it all.

tiel s-k

Oh, Ari got that book from his Aunty for Christmas. We also have 'How to catch a Star" by the same illustrator. Good book


I would seriously recommend the other Oliver Jeffers books - my god-daughter loved Lost and Found and to Catch a Star. Have you seen Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton - fabulous story about a sheep that cannot sleep with the most beautiful illustrations!

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