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31 January 2007


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What a brilliant idea. I have become quite callous over time and can have some very brutal moments when it comes to discarding works of art. It is either that or the art needs a room of its own.

jennifer | creatingfromscratch

Very clever! I agree, the art takes over if you let it! I used some slices of one of my daughter's paintings the other day to make some long-overdue thank you cards...


oh, yeah, that is such a great idea!


That is a great idea! But what do you do with the dry pasta and lentil pictures?! Cook them???


Such a great idea!


What a great idea! You sure are ever inspiring Ali :)


I love this idea and I'm going to *have* to copy it! :)


crackin' - i love it. x

Crabby Amy

Love the idea!!! the art in this house has taken over lately and I seem to be in need of fresh ideas of what to do with some of it!


What a clever idea with great results!


What a brilliant idea - think I may be using your idea too - I know what you mean about not throwing out the boys' art - Richie is worried that we won't be able to get into the house soon!


they look fab! - I'm just lacking a small child to create the art!


Bummer....I can't see the pic. :-(


I love their art work on the little chest of drawers, what a fab place to put it on view like that.


what cool drawers!

Angel Jem

I finally got to see the drawers today! MY puter wasn't showing them before... they are dinky! I love them! (and, with apologies, I know a little girl who produces enough artwork to cover all her bedroom drawers... now where did I put that glue?)


Oh good - I can see the picture now finally. I love it -- it's a wonderful effect. I can see why you can't throw the stuff away -- its very charming!

tiel s-k

i came to have a look last week and couldn't see any photos. They look so good.


yeah, me too.

that's why it is shoved under my bed.


Oh my goodness, what a superb idea, Ali - I may have to pinch this because the fronts of my kitchen cupboards are rapidly filling up!!!


what a wonderful idea....and budding little artists too!


Fabulous idea, which I'm going to steal at once. And I love the artwork! :-)

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