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16 October 2006


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Wow, that is great, and much much more than I could do!!!! Well done!


Holy moly! You are, indeed, a knitter. Most people embark on miles and miles of garter stitch for scarves as their first project, and I've always said that something smaller and more complicated (er, interesting) is a far more suitable first project.



GOOD for you! I've left those same comments on people's site, except I really don't mean it. I'm leaving the knotting arts up to others for a while :-)


hooray for you! i have knitting-envy, too - but i just can't take that on right now.

are you going to knit a mate for this sock?

Alicia A.

Yes. Yes you are.

I think it looks fabulous! Way to go. I'm also guilty of leaving those comments. You've given me hope...


THAT is what you knit after making the test square? Wowsers! I have yet to turn out a sock for any size foot, but I hope to have a pair soon.

I have found the website knittinghelp.com very, very helpful. It has weensy short videos of all the stitches and I watch them over and over again when I need a new stitch.

Keep it up!


Well done Ali, I'd say you'd mastered the pointy sticks. I'm very flattered that it was my pattern that prompted you to give it a go - as Renee says it's usually miles of holey scarves that get embarked upon as first knitting projects. The question is, do you ever want to see a pair of knitting needles again?


Now I can visit your site and say things like, "Wow, I wish I could do that!" because I'm still trying to figure it out. And crochet, which I thought would be easier since it's only one needle. Hooray for Ali!


I would most certainly say you can knit now.

And now I'll tell you what I tell all the other knitter... "kinda jealous over your awesome knitting skills!"


No doubt about it, Ali! You ARE a knitter. What a brilliant first attempt; it looks like a bona fide stocking to me :)


at least you've made something!!!

i started teaching myself to knit the day before my baby was born (3 wks ago) and haven't touched it since ... and i only have a square to show for it.

good job on your stocking!!!!


i think you did and AMAZING job. i can only knit a scarf!


Rock on!

tiel s-k

I too cannot knit, so I think you have done a marvelous job. A sock for you first attempt is very brave. You'll never look back now.


You sure are a knitter! I wouldn't have a hope in hell of knitting a stocking. Man, I am impressed.
BTW, holes, schmoles.


Seriously impressed with that! Well done you. Socks are on my list of presents to make for Xmas! No pressure..Xmas 2009 will be fine! What next?


You are now officially a knitter and the sock looks so cute! Aren't small things a lot trickier to make? I think you did a great job! (coming from a someone who would love to knit but doesn't know how to!)


Well done they look fab, I took several more squares to advance to shaping when I started!


You are definitely a knitter now! I couldn't seem to progress past the scarf stage--socks were way to hard for me!


bloody hell! excuse my french here, all that in a day? hat off my lady!!


Oh wow I am so impressed! I have tried knitting but am not very good at it. My baby's mittens came out looking like rockets and could fit an 8 year old, hahaha!

Oh I'm Donna by the way, thanks for visiting my crafty blog :-)


Do you still want to swap with me? What do you need me for now? You can knit your own scarf. Today socks, tomorrow lace.


As someone who knows how to knit, but does not call herself a knitter, I would say VERY nice job, Ali, and if you *want* to call yourself a knitter, you ARE one IMHO.
Personally, I like crochet better because it goes faster and then I have a chance of actually getting something finished (gasp). I learned to do both knitting and crochet from computer CDs from Coats&Clark.
Depending what the project is, I found that using nubbly yarn hides a multitude of sins - but the trade-off is that you sometimes can't count your stitches as easily and therefore make more mistakes!
Keep it up - stellar results for a first (and complicated) project!


i think it was meant to be! you did a great job on the mini stocking for a first time knitter! i love that pattern and think i might give it a try. by the way, i love your blog! i am a new blogger, having a hard time getting started, but working on it.

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