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01 August 2006


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Ooooh - isn't it good looking. Forget the mortgage - who needs a home when you have such a lovely camera!!



I was going to delete the spammy comment above, but actually it is quite appropriately funny! My first spam. I've made the big time.

Alicia A.

Aaaaaaa! I want that!
(I've been drooling and begging and hinting forever.)

I can't wait to see the lovely pictures!


I love the spam comment.

Congrats on your new baby. It's the same as mine. I heart that thing. really. I do.



Oh yes, your *husband* certianly deserves it.

So, when are we gonna see the fruits of your labor?


Congratulations! Looks very good.
The spam is hilarious.


Oh, so jealous! How brilliant! Hey, if your camera ever gets stressed and needs a vacation, I can recommend a lovely set of antipodean islands it can holiday on...!


I know what you mean, we are much the same in this house! My hubby has been dreaming over this ever since it came out - that and a PSP which I keep telling him he should just get...sometimes I wish I had a big stash of cash that I could just go out and buy the gadgets for him! SLR's are the best.

Momma Pajama

Uh-oh! Now you'll get all photo nutty like me with our new camera! You'd like the Year of Color that's going on, it's in my sidebar - it's making me see "sky blue" everywhere this week!


wow you are so lucky!!!!


Great lookin new camera! I remember your comment back in June...and I still haven't read my manuals yet!:-)

stephanie s

so. incredibly. jealous.

and the spam comment? it's like big brother might have been reading your post?

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