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09 August 2006


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Everyname I wanted for my blog had beeen taken my someone else which was really annoying!!


Aren't you a sweet little fairy godmother? We all needed an Ali when we started our blogs.

Usually I am hopeless with names, but Mercy Lane just came to me one day and it encapsulates (in my own mind at least, probably no-one elses - this is not an unusual situation in my life) so much of what I believe about life that it just felt good. I usually cringe when I name stuff, but this time I haven't felt the need to change.

Didn't know you were going to get chapter and verse, did you?

I came to visit you over your name the first time, if I remember rightly. It's very cool.


My blog name came about in a hurry, I just suddenly started the blog one morning. I have never been completely happy with it, but now I've had if for 21 months so I suppose it stays. I remember wanting to have something with needles but the Norway part is, I don't know, kind of boring.


I'll be sure to check out her blog. :-)

My blog name comes from the facts that we live in an old schoolhouse and we live on a farm.


You're sweet.
Every name I wanted was taken. I used colorfool when I was posting my scrap pages to Two Peas, so I just carried on with that one. Captivating tale, huh?

Momma Pajama

There is a Simon & Garfunkel song that starts out, "Momma Pajama rolled out of bed..." (funny, we just watched the DVD Maid in Manhattan and that was the opening song). Anyway, I am an early bird and I usually art/craft from 5 am until the guys get up, so I'm in my pjs!


Oh boy, a new blog!
I'm not sure how I came up with my blog name. The "babe" part of my name is a definitel stretch, I think I was trying to humor myself.


I started my blog in the height of Griffin's behavior problems, and I would always be saying, "Griffin! Inappropriate behavior!"

He couldn't say it that way, he always said, "no appropriate behavior" and that's how it all started.

(Well, that and inappropriate behavior was taken.)


Thanks for the plug! and the great advice. I adore this new community. So many inspirational people. Wondering about your "mgmt consulting" mention. I, too, exist in that world. :-) Hope Sarah finds her name.


I loved reading these comments from people about their blogs. Mine came also from something one of my kids said. Three boys make life interesting. No being squeamish allowed. It's kind of Dave Barry-esque.


Yeah, I've met a gal through my blog that should be joining up anytime now. I stressed and stressed about the name, didn't feel great about anyone's suggestions and finally went with one that everyone else thought was weird. Oh well. I've always thought Domesticali was a great name.


I just kept thinking that I wanted the blog to reflect the happy things in my life and couldn't think of anything else clever - so happythings it is.


Good question...The answer is nothing original. I've always loved the way it sounded and rolled off the tongue.


I'm hopeless at thinking of names but was pleased to come up with mine and then a couple of weeks later a website appeared with a very similar name, ah well, good company I guess.

Your blog is lovely, great photographs.


Hi Ali, thanks for visiting my blog. My name came about because of the fact that I am a complete fabricaholic, for that there is no cure! A day doesn't go by without me dealing with fabric in some way or another *sigh* I've got it bad ;-)

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