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05 August 2006


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Got my package today! thank you thank you thank you! I am so blown away! I promise to send yours out this next week. And that bookstore looks so yummy, I could seriously get into trouble there!


Oh HEAVEN. Sounds like my kind of a shop. Call me next time, and I'll pop over and go with you..!!!


Ahhh. The bookshop. Before kids one of our favorite dates was to go hang out at the book store. I can't remember the last time I did that.


I love books, and horde them too.

Unfortunately, in the states the big powerhouses (barnes & noble and borders) are running the competition out -- it's really rather sad.

And, yes, I'm on that badwagon of people who'd love to own a little bookstore. Have a cafe area that sold only gluten-free goodies... there's gotta be a niche for that *somewhere*.


I would have to agree! Chatting with a real person about books is far better than typing in the ISBN # from home!


We have a wonderful second hand bookshop in the town near wear I live, with a wonderful coffee machine. The owner katie welcomes you in with such a smile. How she makes a profit I'll never know as she never charges me full price!


That looks like a very neat shop and what a fun place to visit!


A perfect day is to browse away an afternoon in a book store -- thanks for sharing!

melissa f.

before child we used to have dates at the bookstore... much more exciting for me than for paul, i'm afraid. looks like your camera is getting a nice little workout-- lovely pics of your living room :)


what a darling bookstore!!!
who can resist stores like that!

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