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15 August 2006


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Those are very good questions.

I'm not a fan of all the, "Sit down!" "If you're talking that much, you need another bite!" and "Stop fighting with your brother!"


Your house has such light and space, it's beautiful.


Lovely room and I can see we aren't the only ones using our fires in August!!Our dining room is the playroom so we always eat in the kitchen.I so understand the eating with kids thing.I like to have a little peace to taste and digest my food!


Very pretty! Love the windows, the light, the floors, the fireplace. It's so big looking. I like it very much.
We never eat in our dining room any more....
Those were funny questions. 8-P


Ali - Thanks for the honesty. I really, really hate eating with Bea too. I can SOOO see how women develop unhealthy eating habits. I always think that eating a meal without having to help her eat a meal at the same time is as good as a vacation.

Nice room. We are dining room-less.


Ooooooo, I love your dining room, how LOVEly!

Alicia A.

Very pretty room!

I sort of agree with the dislike of eating with kids. I guess we'll get a hot meal in year 2024.


a beautiful dining room - open space but sitll warm and friendly!


Ali, that is such a beautiful room (and SOOOO tidy!). I used to hate eating with my kids when they were tiny too. Little guys eating with their mouths open *gag* and snoogy noses *retch* and spitting it out and then *gag* eating it again all make me feel sick. I was fine when they hit 3 or 4 and had been indoctrinated. Now, as teenagers, they hate open-mouthed eating, etc! Ah, I love being the Queen :)


Lovely room!

I keep hoping that sometime it's going to get easier eating with the kids, but Seb is 6 now and it's still awful. He can eat nicely but the whining. oh my god. 'I don't like it', 'what's this', 'I'm not eating that!'.

And then the trade-offs - 'if you eat that you can have dessert', 'there, did you die from eating that? no, well, have another bite.'

I can feel my stomach clenching up as I write this. Mealtimes are a terrible stressor for me. Maybe when they're teenagers it gets better?


What a funny post! I can totally relate to the yo-yo thing...and mealtimes for me are stressful too. It's hard for me not to have hurt feelings when the kids don't like the food I make.

Your dining room is absolutely beautiful. And the fireplace is gorgeous.


Your home is beautiful! My dining room is more for crafts than dining, so I love a pretty dining room.

Now that my kids are older I don't mind so much eating with them...when they eat!! It's always a fight to get Ellie (3) to eat. I pine for the days of peaceful meals!


okay, your home is beautiful! I'm going to look for something like this next week in Portland!
How inspiring!


So, um....what are your partners doing while you jump up and down through each meal?

BTW, really like your dining room, so much light!


Ali, I think you have a great style to your home. The living room was so pretty and look at your dining room! I love all the wood, the simplicity (white chairs) and the splashes of color (red rug). Please keep flashin' those rooms. :o)

tiel S-K

so true. I hate meal times too. We never have a conversation in full, and when you have to get up to take them to the potty! AGGGHHH

tiel S-K

so true. I hate meal times too. We never have a conversation in full, and when you have to get up to take them to the potty! AGGGHHH

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