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14 August 2006


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Alicia A.

A fire?! I wish it would cool down here. It's going to be back into the 90's (F) this week.

Look at the muddy fun. You're a cool mama!


I know!!We are back in long pants and cardies!Poor Kittys tent hasn't seen much use either apart from a rain shelter!The banner looks lovely!


Autumn cannot come soon enough, I'm so tired of the heat!

The banner is awesome!


oh!! your banner is GREAT!!!


Seriously? Well, I'm so happy for you, cause I know a hot summer isn't too fun. I'm afraid we have until October, at least. Last year it was 100 weeks in a row in October but we're optimstic it will be better this year, somehow.


That banner is beyond gorgeous. And the daffodils and little lambs are making their appearance way down here, so I guess it is the changing of the seasonal guard.


I can't beleive you lit your fire!!!!
We never do in the summer, we wait then have the chimney swept just before autumn, then lit it. It's kinda a ritual to look forward too. (you can just tell how exciting our lives are!!).

Well done kids for making wonderful mud!


Your banner is fantastic! I love being inside by the fire when it rains. It is definitely still winter here today, but I've seen a daffodil too.

jen b

very cute banner!


What precious boys in their boots!

Getting ready for a craft show is such fun! I predict that you'll be creating all kinds of stuff as the date draws nearer. What are you selling? The banner is great. Maybe I would have sold more if I had a cool banner like that. :o)


Lovely cosy fire - we don't have a fireplace and I really miss it. The banner is just lovely and I'm so glad you got a lovely book swap! Its so funny, I was going to include Brick Lane in mine but have decided on something else! :)


Nothing like a bit of muddy fun! I love your banner, looks fun too!!!


yep - we had the heating back on on Sunday.

I love your banner.


Good luck getting ready for the craft show! I'm quite jealous of your fall like weather - record highs here today.

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