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31 July 2006


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I love the button bouquet - I spotted this on Kiddley a while back and keep meaning to get round to doing it - I even have a really great vase selected for it. Must get on and do it.


I sent of my vintage button package today too.

Small world ...I have that card of the exact same green buttons I was also wondering their era (I didn't send them to my swap partner - she got some other things).

Charlie and Lola - you just can't beat them. The Anti-colouring book is also very good though on the imagination stakes.


Charlie and Lola are our favourite books, we have already completed the colouting book, and hints have been made about buying another one to do!

This book is another fantastic book for them to develop their creativity!


Why, oh why, won't they sell that coloring book in the states?!


we just bought the charlie and lola colouring book last week, it's great isn't it? I love that she suggests things like collecting real leaves and sticking them on or using real fabric for the dresses (like she does herself)


Yep that bouquet is also on my list of many things to do! Charlie & Lola is fab. It used to be a ritual of Emily's to watch one episode before bedtime. The past couple of weeks this has changed and I have to say I am a little disappointed! The books are great too , I haven't seen this one but we have the great sticker ones.

Its hard to be dedicated enough to find creative projects for your tinys and I keep meaning to get some books for pointers. Its so easy to give them the paints and let them get on with it. I will keep you posted on this!


That coloring book looks fun. I love the term coloring-in. I loved coloring/coloring-in as a kid and though it isn't technically so creative as drawing or painting I kind of hope Bea likes it too so we can spend some time doing it together :-)


Fabulous button bouquet!

Oh, the C+L coloring book is adorable! What fun!


Oh oh oh! I didn't know there were Charlie and Lola books! They are on children's television here this summer and we l.o.v.e. them. Thanks for letting me know!

Very cute bouquet, I so remember those mother-of-pearl-ish buttons with a cut across.


I had some burgandy buttons with the same packging. I bought them from Claire Grove buttons. She couldn't tell me how old they were but said they certainly wern't new.


We love Charlie and Lola too! My 4 year old has started to sound like Charlie, he watches the DVD so much!

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