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27 July 2006


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Momma Pajama

Hi Ali, Thanks for the thanks... Yes, a stick of butter (or margarine) is 4 oz. And corn syrup is, ah-h-h-h... ummmmm... corn syrup! Hmmm, the only ingredient in it is "corn syrup." It comes in light (clear) and dark (brown) varieties. The major brand name is "Karo." It looks/tastes mostly like honey or rice syrup or molasses, but not strong flavored like molasses, just sweet and sticky. How funny how ingredients differ around the world! Corn syrup is in almost EVERYTHING sweet in the states: soda pop, candies, cereal.


I concur with momma P a stick of butter is 4oz and a tablespoon is half an ounce - measuring butter in tablespoons -honestly!

The corn syrup debate rages on and as far and as I can gauge there is no suitable British substitute. Treacle/Golden syrup/molasses all have too much taste. I managed to get some Karo years ago at Fortnums when I was determined to make a 'real' pecan pie. Infact I still have an unopened jar in my cupboard - I wonder if it goes out of date?!

Ooh nearly forgot to say I love the purse.


Yup, I agree with the previous. Wikipedia defines corn syrup as derived from corn, obviously, but golden syrup as derived from crystallized sugar. I could probably send you some corn syrup? Also makes wonderful popcorn balls (yum!).


"Corn syrup" really means "cheap sugar source in America." Blah.


they use corn syrup for something to do with pottery (don't ask me what) and you can supposedly buy it at http://www.delirosslyn.co.uk/. There are rumours you can get it at big supermarkets too (or glucose syrup).

Personally I'd try golden syrup but not use as much cos it's a lot sweeter. If it's just a little bit (like in icing), it'll just be for shine anyway


I'm late to the party and don't really have anything new to add to what's alread been written. I'm just backing up what everyone else has already said...

A stick of butter is indeed 4 oz. or a quarter pound (four sticks of butter in a one pound package). I think that's about 125 grams for the rest of the world.

As for corn syrup, I think it might be referred to a 'glucose syrup' outside North America. I'm not sure what process is used to make it but it's a syrup made out of corn startch. The ubiquitous brand here in the States (and perhaps the ONLY brand as it's all I've ever seen on store shelves) is Karo (http://www.karosyrup.com/index.htm) and so you'll often hear corn syrup referred to as Karo syrup. As Caroline already said, Golden Syrup is definitely not the same thing.


Golden Syrup in the states is generally used like maple syrup (for pancakes, waffles, and the like).

Corn syrup is used for baking. Making candies (toffee) and pecan pies.

And corn syrup lasts a pretty long time. I've had some for years. If it starts to crystalize, you might not want to use it (not sure, just a suggestion). I don't think it goes rancid...

Then, again, we had some honey crystalize and we popped it in the microwave and it was fine.


I've got cups too! So much easier than scales...

When I had to convert, I always go for 1 stick = 125gr. It's not exact down to gramms but it has never made a noticeable difference.

Hope it helps.

Japan, eh? I've always wanted to go there...


What a cute wallet!

While they're not the same in taste, golden syrup is very similar to corn syrup in consistency. The Golden Syrup is a bit more "buttery/nutty" tasting (to me).

Corn syrup is also used here for making things like lollipops and peanut brittle (and other hard candies).


looks like you got the answers to your questions :) so i'm here to say i love the wallet!! just darling :)


Agreeing here with the comments on corn syrup/golden syrup and butter. (One stick of butter is half a cup.)

I have one Mollie Katzen cookbook: The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. I like it very much even though I seldom cook from it. I don't suppose that makes sense? I saw in the bookstore she's come out with a revised and updated version.


Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog, which is great!

As for corn syrup, I know that in France (where I come from) you can buy at the pharmacy of all places (!), under the name "glucose syrup"...

Good luck in your search!


Ali - I'll send you a bottle of the corn syrup. :-) Didn't realize it was a US thing. I have another of Mollie's kids books and in the front there's a US/UK Conversion chart. Does the one I sent have something similar? So glad you liked the package!

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