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30 July 2006


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I definitely hoard things but am now trying to use them up! I also keep 'good clothes' for going out but to be homest I go out so little without a little person in tow that I am trying to break with this rule - tricky though.

In NI the holiday start at the end of June until the end of August - so although we aren't impacted by the school breakup, we have been without mums and tots etc for quite a few weeks now - boy oh boy is it telling!


ah, good clothes, I remember those, the ones that were not to do housework in, or do painting with the kids, those were the days!!!


I've started getting good, yummy soap for handwashing. It's depressing otherwise.


I still have some nice bathroom stuff hoarded - don't know what I'm saving it for, must follow your lead and use it. Have a great summer break.


I did the same... my bathroom cabinet used to be full of lovely things... Now I'm doing better at enjoying the moment...

But hide the soap at least 6 feet high... my kids loved 'mummy nice soap'... too much.. it was gone in a day.



i always save my "good" soap for myself. i have been using my "good" soap in the kitchen. my children don't use that sink as often as i do ...


On definately no, I live for the moment and use everything straight away!

Anne Margaret

I am reformed horder, too. I did start using more fun handsoap when there were babies in the house. Having to wash your hands SO many times at 2 a.m. was just depressing without a fun fragrance. I shop almost purely by nose (for hand soap, anyway!). Thanks for reminding me to pick up something fun just for my bathroom.

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