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29 July 2006


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This is the book that finally taught me how to do Blanket Stitch!

It is also a fabby book anyway, and I have two boys too, so definately for me, I cannot pretend!


Ladybird books are just the business. We had them as kids and my mum and dad sent them all round here for Noah and Seth. I thought Noah might not be interested but he absolutely loves them.

Things to make is excellent too - the jar with shells attached makes a particularly attractive father's day present!


Gosh I laughed seeing that photo, Ali! My kids had that game when they were little. I don't recall them ever playing the game "properly", but they all loved wearing the masks. Do your children rotate the trunks as they walk around?

ps thanks for the sweet comment about Jamie xx


a book swap sounds great, but i do bookcrossing too and have sent most of mine in to the "wild"...although like you haven't had much success in hearing whose hands they ended up in


i'm am envious - I wish I still had my old Ladybird books. Over zealous parental clearing has long since sent them out into the big bad world.


We didn't have ladybird books in Italy, but I always check them out in the local second hand shop. They're so lovely!

Bet you're glad to have your boy back!


Those books are fantastic, I would love to have copies myself. They are ones to be treasured. Oh and keep trying with the blanket stitch, I find its the starting off that seems to cause the problems, once you have this sorted it just kinda flows.

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