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14 June 2006


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That is definitely a unique gray photo. I'm glad you've come to peace with the power station -- it seems ominous to me...

Alicia A.

They do seem spooky, yet oddly fascinating...


I can't believe that is the view out of your home!!! Great gray photo, though.


Gray indeed. Kinda freaky. Kinda peaceful. odd.


Yeah, I reckon there is a sort of spooky quality to it, as well.


Is that a nuclear power station?

When I went to Germany, there was a nuclear power station built right by the town but never put into use (supposedly, the town wants to turn it into a discotech); I find it oddly beautiful but quite intimidating.


I oddly love the look of many industrial structure too. There is the mosy amazing huge power station in port talbot that is awsome.


yes-I find it stunning, too! thanks for sharing.


I know I am almost alone in this, but I believe this power station to have a strange beauty to it... I even photographed it as part of a C&G qualification...and I still passed the course (my theme was "beauty in ugliness)

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