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05 June 2006


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That is a beautiful, summery, mouth-watering shot. Yummmmm!


Mmmmm. I've got some in my garden...I'll have to try that. I've put it in tea, but haven't thought to put it in lemonade.

melissa f.

i'm trying it this week. its weedy here too.

i saw a very hip woman wearing her crocs whilst bike riding yesterday (red!) and thought of you!


Sounds delicious, but I'm more excited that I've just seen my name on your blog list!!!! Thankyou so much you wonderful person!!!!


Oh, that drink looks go good right now... and I bet it would be good spiked too.




I've got lemon balm taking over! Thanks for the recipe, I'll be making it for a party this weekend!

Robin Green Eye

oh my, that sounds good.

Batteries Not Required

Just found your blog via weird bunny. I will have to try the lemon balm drink...and I have crocs too. Pink ones (very similar to your red ones!) haven't been bold to wear em in public but i wear them around the garden all the time.

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