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19 June 2006


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Berry picking sounds fun and those are really cute bunny pops! Here, here, are cute kids and kind blogger pals. 8-)


Mmmmm... strawberry ice pops, in ubber-cute molds nonetheless.


that is a beautiful testimony to the blogging community.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com


You are more than welcome! Your son looks so happy with the ice-lollies :) I used to go strawberry picking all the time when I was little. I must see if there is anywhere here to do it...you have put me in the mood!


Looks like you had a great time picking berries. I've been wanting to do that with my girls, but the closet pick-your-own spot closed :( I understand what you say about seeing good things in your kids. I think it's why I have such a hard time thinking about my kids going into the "real world." I wish I could keep them here with me forever.


My kids would go mad over those ice-lolly moulds! They're so cool!

Sweet Treat

Yum... Strawberry picking! I always eat as many as I put in the bucket! Loved your comment on the blogging community... couldn't really agree more.


Oh, I like those molds! How cute are those?!


Oh god ain't it the truth? The world outside my doorstep seems full to the brim of bad attitude, some days it just seems like one more amazingly awful thing after another. At it's worst it seems like real evil, at it's best just thoughtlessness and apathy. But the world seems so much brighter in the blogging world, where the most heinous crimes I come across are swap packages arriving a week late, or people who don't have time to respond to all their commenters! Why is it we can all agree to play so nice here, when out there mob rules?

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