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02 June 2006


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I'm almost fainting here. Just as I'm looking at your fancy crocs, the radio starts playing "Crocodile shoes" with Jimmy Nail(??).
Of course you can wear them out in the world. They're cool! (narrowminded window cleaner)


I love them! Just wear them and if people don't understand then they are just missing out! They are such happy shoes.


They are very cute - you are ahead of the trend!


They ARE cool and I would wear them everywhere if I owned some. I really need some comfortable shoes - maybe I should look into them...I wonder if they have them in pink?


Here on the island I'm figuring I've seen about 80 percent of our island population wearing them - to dinner, shopping, to the park - you name it! But I've not bought myself a pair, they're so expensive here (another thing about island life we are so exploited) complared to everywhere else. I've also not seen red ones, every other color, but not red - they're grand!
Wear them everywhere - truly!


Yes yes yes! I have two pairs (actually, they are an off-brand sold at Payless Shoes here in the US). They are so comfy, I don't know why I waited so long to get a pair. Just like pug dogs, they are so ugly they are cute.


I don't know about England -- people wear those all the time, everywhere, here in casual Austin. Winter, ahyway. In the summer, flip flops are the rule.


I love my crocs! I wear them everywhere.

And they are really good for your feet too. My foot doctor said so.


Everyone has these shoes now! except me, because I'm cheap and those shoes are not! However, if I did have them I would wear them out and about. Now, you have to go wear them outside of your home since we ALL told you too.And we are your boss(es). No, really. We are. We want pictures to prove it too! Be brave! Be bold! Go crazy! You can do it! 8-)
Didn't think I could be any weirder did ya?


I think they're lovely, and I would wear them in the real world. Some people always equate 'different' or 'new' with 'weird', and that's their narrow view of the world.


They are just great - wear them with your head held high!!


I've got bright green ones...but for work (I'm a theatre RN), but I've seen loads of people wearing them in the city (Brisbane) and I want an everyday pair now! I say go for it, and yeah silly window cleaner does not know comfort when he sees it!

feather nester

Everyone is wearing them here in Tucson. Except me, but I'm thinking about it! Wear with pride!


In Virginia they are the thing. Have been since last summer, actually, especially for the kiddos. I had never seen them in NY, and when I went home they were everywhere! Definitely can be worn outside of the house!


Most definitely wear them out into the real world. Here in Maryland, they are worn all the time. Although, I'm not too sure that is saying much, as my girls wear slippers to school occasionally.


DEFINATELY wear them outside!!! I was one of the first to be walking around in my red crocs but now everyone here in Israel has them!!!
So much for being different and original!

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