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09 June 2006


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aaaah a wall hanging for alphabet letters, no a quilt, no a pencil case no...

oh I give up but ook forward to the reveal!


Hmmmmm. Looks like leather or felt. A book?


Upon closer inspection, it looks a little Christmassy--an advent calendar!!!!


Two bandwagons? Or killing two birds with one stone! Either way - good on you!!
It's gonna feel so darn good when you finish it, yay!
I think it's either 1. a homemade baby book, or
2. a baby room wall hanging-organizer-thing-mi-bob
Yeah, I'm sure I'm way off ;)


Erm - it's a thing with pockets. A very cheery bright thing with pockets.


Nah. Wait till he gets married.


Clearly i have no imagination, so I haven't got a clue what your making.

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