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21 June 2006


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Cute idea!


Our summer fete is on Saturday, I wonder if I could get something rustled up by then? It's a fab idea, I'm definatly stealing it, if not this year then next.


Check you out! Great idea and they are really cute.


Pea, if you want the template, e-mail me your e-mail (can't find one on your blog).


those are adorable!!!!!!

what a cute idea. can you post a template?


I love your funny money!


Love the funny money!You missed out on the Huggies tokens we got some really lovely toys with ours!

Monica (herefordshire)

Hi Ali, the fish fabric is great, isn't it? I've got three boys and I have to admit that in terms of fabric choices it would be much easier to have girls... so many more to choose from!! I love your calendar, and the funny money ideas is super too. If I may I'll suggest it at out next school fete. Super. I know what you mean about the summer holiday... I'm sewing furiously not because I know I'll have to have a forced break for about two months soon!

take care,



I used to collect tokens off ribena cartons, of course I never new what they were for.

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