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29 June 2006


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I like the homemade aspect, but that's just me.

And I love the little fluttering butterflies.


When I clicked on the picture, the butterflies actually looked like they were flying! Very cute. I'm sorry I can't help on the wire issues - I've not worked with wire - I really think I would find it frustrating. The mobile is cute, though - and I know what you mean about homemade/handcrafted going either way. I've decided that it depends on how the recipient feels.


The butterflies are really cute, and I wouldn't worry about the wire not being 'perfect'.
thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you manage to get a copy of Adorn - it has some great ideas.

melissa f.

well done. the bendy wire will add to its appeal i think. should you try again, lightweight fishing line might be a good fit.

but you know, you're the hostess so everyone is going to coo over it. and that's what you want at a baby shower-- lots of cooing.


Homemade is almost always better! I love it!


That's so pretty, I just bought a box of different coloured butterflies, feathery ones.

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