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21 June 2006


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Kuddos. I've wanted to make an advent calendar quilt for a while now. At least you're done! Hope something works out for a preschool/mother's day out for you.


Fantastic advent calendar. Congratulations on finishing. I know what you mean about time away from the children. I sometimes count the days until they can go to Kindergarten.


I love the calendar. Great idea!! I empathize regarding kids meaning not much crafting. I hope something works out for you!


Wow - it's really beautiful! I can't believe you're going to sell it! Have you done craft fairs before? I have had minimal success with craft fairs. Here's a formula I read in a book, but you really have to know the market so it may not work for you: 1.5 x cost of materials + overhead (electricity, etc) + (# of hours labor x your hourly fee). Does that make sense?

I hear you about the breathing room. A little crafting does wonders for me AND how I feel about my kids - weird how that works out, huh?


Great job on the calendar. It looks really good. Kids + crafting around here means a disastrous mess of a house.


Ouch about the childcare, I can relate. I can't take proper care of others if I don't take proper care of myself.

Love the advent calendar! But why the guilt?

feather nester

Congratulations on finishing it! Guilt, yes, I understand. But also a nice feeling of accomplishment, no?


The calendar is beautiful. Did you paint the pockets?

I am laughing about the kiddos and childcare...it keeps me sane. Mine is in a prechool and I know she loves the interaction with her friends. It would be a struggle to keep a social calendar that could even compete with the interactions she gets at preschool.


It is just wonderful. I would keep it myself, unless you will be making another one for yourself! I am totally with you as far as the childcare goes, its tough when you can't get a break, especially when sick! Emily starts playgroup in September and I can't wait! :)


Well done for finishing. I think it looks fabbo. I, too, like my children a lot better when I have 'me time' so I understand how that would bring you down. Easy forme to say something will come up, but it probably will, even if it is only the kids getting older and going off to school. It does happen you know.


love the advent calendar - way to go finishing up something that you started a while ago.

i hear you about the free time - i forgo showering and even eating sometimes to get my "me time" when the kids nap. thank goodness they sleep at the same time! it really makes a difference in the whole day.
i wish we crafty moms lived near each other and we could have a childcare while the mommy crafts co-op.


That is just beautiful!! Instead of selling it, you should give it to yourself as a gift!

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