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27 June 2006


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They are just great! I have the bittie bootie pattern printed out and ready to tackle..some day!


Come and live next door to me, please?

Those bitty booties are lovely. I don't find the actual blanket stitch to be my problem, I just never know how to start and end it without it either coming undone or looking ugly.


I'm throwing a baby shower as well! And this is for a girl that I don't know that well. :o) I like baby showers. That diaper cake is very cute. I think you'll be glad you're doing this for your friend. I don't see anything wrong with the booties, but if you must make another pair, well then, okay.


I have to try the bitty bootie pattern. Yours look great.


I think they came out wonderfully!


The booties are CUTE! It must be the season for baby showers and baby shoes. I made a pair this week as well for a shower.


The booties came out great! Can't wait to see your diaper cake.

Baby showers are fun, except they make my ovaries hurt for wanting more of the little guys.


I forget how to the blanket stitch in seconds after doing it and have to relearn it every time. Mental block!
You really made a diaper cake? Wow.


Oh wow, that is a really thoughtful thing to do... I wish I had neighbours like that... at the moment the only things I get from mine are the **** of her cats!! And they put their house on the market 2 weeks after us at a lower price... but don't get me started...
Good luck for the party... are you going to do party games? Like 'guess your neighbours circumference?' 'guess the flavour of baby food?'. A bit American, but good fun!


the booties look cute! i've gathered my materials to make some, too. i'm just afraid to start! (and i've been wanting to make a few moopies. pattern is cut, just waiting for me to make it!)


baby showers arent common in Australia eithero - I have my first this Sunday.
Dont know what to expect - do we play games like at kitchen tea parties or just sit, eat & talk about birthing labour stories? have fun!!


They turned out cute!
And a diaper cake will be adorable. You sound like a very good neighbour. I'm sure she will feel super special to have a friend like you.

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