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19 May 2006


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I think the bag is really cute! I have no sewing advice (no surprise there) to give though. sorry.

melissa f.

Oh, it's sweet-- and the first time you have to throw it in the wash you'll be glad you didn't spend ages making it perfect!

Sometimes I mark the stop mark with a pencil and then as i come up to the corner I turn the wheel by hand so it stops exactly where I want it too-- then when i pivot i can sometimes fudge a bit and move the fabric every so slightly so it starts out where it should. but really-- the nature of zig zag is all about fun, not fussiness!


I think the bag is cute too!

As for the whole rotating the stich thing, I rotate when the end of the fabric touches the foot -- hope it helps!


Oh, the bag is so cute! Lucky gal!


Sweeeeet bag!! I am appreciating the tips in your comments section too, thanks!
I found a light green all wool blanket to try the tutorial with - I have never in all my life seen a white one at a thrift shop. I am hoping I can get some different greens at least out of this one huge blanket.
Hope you have better luck soon! The world needs WAY more thrift shops - indeed there is a terrible shortage.


I was on the wool blanket hunt a while ago for a christmas project.Guess where they all go?For dogs to sleep on!!!That's right most of the charuty shops save them for animal rescue centres.I had to ask very nicely for them to save me a couple!BTW the bag is gorgeous!


This is gorgeous!!!

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