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02 May 2006


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Wash it, then chop it.

And I'm rather jealous of your curly hair, even if the hairdresser made you look like a clown.


I see why you like the amoebas. Me too would like some more spunk to my hair, thank you, wanna swap? About the dress, I think, how about removing the dressyness about it, still keeping the fabric as undamaged as possible? Like removing the bias binding and cutting the seams. Then you'll have a cleaner canvas, so to speak.


So nice of you to stop by my blog. I had fun looking through yours... cute quilts, cute labels, cute kids.... That dress you bought was quite the find. I like the fabric a lot.


I always get carried away and chop thing up straight away. This is generally a disater, as when I evenyually go to use it I wish I'd cut it up into bigger sections.


This fabric is lovely. You'll chop it eventually I'm sure!


That is great fabric. Well - depends on what you want to make. I was thinking it might make a good smock if you are doing the May Tie One On - in which case you might not want to chop off the top, but start with it as the basis on the smock...


i love it...the colors...the amoebas!


Cute fabric for sure. I have to wash the fabric and then I hold on to it for awhile and THEN chop it up. 8-)

Lisa K.

Beautiful fabric! I agree with strikkelise about just removing the distracting bits and leaving as much fabric intact as you can.

Funny, I recently bought an Aunt Grace's repro floral fabric with the same colors to make a baby quilt for a friend.

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