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28 May 2006


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Sorry, I've never made a stuffy, so I have no stuffing recommendations. Those minimoopys sure are cute! Love their little faces.


I love all the different fabrics you've used, and the first attempt at felting looks really great!
I use a type of poly-fil here, it's just a very white, synthetic, fluffy filling and pretty cheap too.
Good luck finding something that works for you locally. Stuffing really is so important~ I can't believe some people are so blessed to be able to use WOOL for stuffing!


The moopies are so cute.

(And hey, cellulite happens to the best of us, might as well be realistic over idealistic sometimes, yes?)


These are fab particularly the lovely girly pink one.

You really have been busy - have you sold your children?

I know what you mean about stuc=ffing mine akways looks lumpy and clumpy.


Cellulite Moopy - I love it. I went and printed out the pattern from seeing yours here and then decided to enter the Morph II exhibition while I was at it. Look what you started.

Can't wait to make my own Moopy - when my little girl saw a picture of one she was very keen to have her own. There is something very endearing about them.


I have just been cutting out the pieces tonight for my first moopy bunny, what a coincidence! I always tend to use pillow stuffing to stuff with - buy a pillow(a cheap one is fine, not a feather one!) and just cut it open, it seems to work really well and not go lumpy, and its cheaper than buying the proper stuffing stuff. thanks for leaving a comment for me, we had a great day!


Hooray for cellulite!

You lived in Japan? How cool is that?


Great work! I am definitely going to try the pattern now! On the stuffing thing - I use pure wool rovings and make sure I break it up well into smaller bits before stuffing. Helps to get rid of lumps, to a degree anyway!


i love your mini moopies. I'm itching to make another one, but not sure who for yet. They are such cute little critters - so cuddly!

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