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07 May 2006


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That turned out really cute! Great job. I've been wanting to give that a try to especially after seeing the ones that THE SMALL OBJECT makes. I look forward to seeing what you do next.:-)


That turned out so incrediably cute!

I guess I'm a bit spoiled -- completely surrounded by craft stores and artists stores. If you ever need some supplies, let me know!


I love it! It looks great--not stumpy at all.


That is the coolest stamp! Looks like it's time to raid my daughter's school supplies. Thanks for the commenting on my blog!


Stamp looks great! Looking forward to seeing future versions. Thanks for the comments over on my blog-I'm hoping for the best with Whiplash given the many prizes and very few participants for week 4!


Oh Ali I totally agree about the craft supplies desert that is the UK! Your stamp has turned out brilliantly though!


Loved the stamp. It's kind of rusticky looking. Looking at your stamp supplies reminded that I purchased a lino cutter and I don't have to hunt a tool down to get started. And that got me to thinking about starting a craft supply swap. My kids are getting older and I have stuff that they never used and some stuff that is still in the orginal packages. Would anyone else be interested in swapping - you know the saying "Someone else's trash is someone's treasure" or something to that affect.


Linda - sounds good. You'll have to drop me an e-mail though alisonhudson03(at)hotmail(dot)com


great job! I'm glad the tutorial helped! Is this your first stamp? because it's fabulous!


great peg, I love its chunkiness!

le chat qui coud

woaw!!! great!


Hi see the updates on my blog.

From matt


cutest clothespin/peg i've ever seen :)

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