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29 May 2006


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Those are just beautiful photos of your garden! I love the purples in so many hues!
Gardening is truly BLISS.


Jealous, jealous, envy...what a beautiful garden! Makes me want to dig in the dirt.


i'm sorry, johnny! that was me wasn't it? you look so sweet sleeping in the picture.


What gorgeous little boys and don't they always look like babies when they sleep.

The allium is absolutely beautiful


Gorgeous boys!!!!! And beautiful garden - I'm very jealous.


It's so much fun to see a spring garden when winter is about to start.

Aleeping kids - nothing more beautiful in the whole world.


I have the same thing with my boys, for me the youngest is more interested in what I do, so he gets mentioned the most. The eldest is an 'inventor', so I'm of little interest!


love that allium, nice photo for one-handed too!


Could your boys be any cuter? And your garden...mmmmmm. Heavenly.


I know, I know, my second got sort of neglected, then when the third came along, he was the baby so #2 got neglected even more! It's that middle child thing for me, but I felt it when we only had two. He's a precious boy - so good to take a nap for you!


Your alliums are lovely!

Mine are way past their prime, gone from purple to silver and now a burnt green ready to be deadheaded.

And you are so lucky to still have a child that naps. I miss the napping.


so sweet!


beautiful garden shots and sweet boys. I can never take a photo of sleeping Keely because I know she'll wake up! Momma don't want that!

melissa f.

what's that bushy bit growing at the base of the irises? the green and the deep dark...

we are in the throws of planting. its an extension of craft, i think.

Alicia A.

Ahhhh... the boys are beautiful.

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