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24 May 2006


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I was thinking blogland has been quite dead too....hmmm...
Bunny and her bling are mighty cute!


And I thought it was just me. Can't remember how to use my sewing machine anymore!


That's a cute bunny! I do always name my softies, but I give them ridiculous names they would probably rather forget, so your way is probably psychologically more sound.


Your nameless bunny is adorable. She has such a sweet face and I love her pink bling.

melissa f.

so ahead of the game!! yikes. very cute.


Oh, your bunny is sweet. And the buttons! The buttons!

And yes, crafty blogland has been rather quiet. I think it is because of the new-ness of summer. Once it gets really hot everyone will be crafting again.


Oh my goodness!! This is adorable!!

Counting Mermaids

I love her ears! She's wonderful.


ohhhh, she is cute! good idea about the buttons.

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