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25 April 2006


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I have no clue how much one euro equals to a dollar, but no -- that's not cheap at all. You gotta teach cheap. Then they'll be quiet about all the "I want"s.

And, yeah, we're going through that phase too. Griffin wants a dinosaur. He tells me about 52,374 times a day. I have it in the basement, but we have to figure out a way for him to EARN it since the next official gift-giving day is Christmas.


Funny! and a good idea.
And that is a cute purse/man bag.


Cute! I love the buttons for the tires/tracks, very clever.


oh, what a great post! you had me giggling! love the the bread answer :) and the coin purse. my husband would call it a "man's carry-all". think he got the saying from a seinfeld episode.


oh my gosh - i so love it!
my son is seriously a digger fan - i must make something like this for him - plans have been in the works for a pillow for a LONG time, but this motivates me to actually DO something!


Love the purse, love the digger!


This is fab. I love the buttons for the ... the... oh it's Friday night and the brain has shut up shop for the evening. Anyway they look great.



Wow that's a cool purse. I someone wo would kill for one of those.


We give our children one pound a week they are in primary school. My daughter just wants to buy sweets but my son always saves his. Great purse, they are always marketed at girls in the shops which is really annoying.

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