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22 April 2006


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Funky Finds

I love him! Great job. Love the color combo, too.


I like the western-style kerchief on your big bad bunny. And your pictures are great. Wish I had as photogenic a model! (The live one, not the bbb!)

Sweet Treat

Hee! Hee! I love a softie with a tough side... I wonder if a cranky critter would keep my pup in line when he is home alone. Can't wait to see how your Back Tack comes along. I started pottering today.


I Love your bunny!


LOVE him!


how is your back tack one going to live up to that? :)


What a funny story. Thanks. It is amazing how each softie face takes on a distinct personality, seemingly on its on, eh?


He turned out cute, attitude and all.


I love your bunny! He's a total badass!


I love his little bandit scarf. It, and his tiny scowl, just oozes surly. You are a shoe-in for sure.


he's a perfect boy bunny!

African Kelli

I am participaing in BT3 too and looking for inspiration. When I saw your bunny I just new this must be an entry!


great idee and very good done!
Big bad bunny is too cute... please come to see mine on my website :
I've done a Big fat bunny....
I'm from belgium....
Have a nice weekend!

Le chat qui coud


Hi Ali, I've just had a quick tour of your blog, it's lovely. I love the big bad hormonally created bunny, PMT is a bitch isn't it (and if you got my earlier email it was teh reason for the awful postcards on another swap).

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