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26 June 2018


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Sue Scott

Well this is strange. I have been have been tinkering with my blog all morning, reading old stuff and thinking how life has changed but stayed the same. I pulled up my old blog roll and saw that you have a new post and are thinking similar thoughts. Instagram is beginning to bore me, is it time to resurrect blogging?


So lovely to see you! Everything you say is very true, though it's taken me a while to accept (and that acceptance depends on the day). Would love to see you properly for a catch up. K xx


Lovely to see you back... and lovely to see Kristina's name pop up in the comments too. It's been a while, although somehow I don't seem to have left the blogging habit.


A welcome return!


What a marvellous surprise - welcome back!

I am way behind in blog reading since I have been taken up with Mrs Gaskell and her writing since late May. I am trying to catch up now though.

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