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12 January 2014


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Oh my! Gorgeous!!!

Rusty Duck

Some of the news reports have been awful. I'm glad your house is well away from it.


gorgeous photos Ali!


Very very nice.


Beautiful photos but that must be such a complete pain to have to live with.


I do love a good January sky. These are beautiful. I'm glad your house is ok. It seems like things have calmed down a bit...for now anyway! x


such beautiful photos - I hope things stay dry for a while for you.

Avril Horn

Gorgeous photos. I do remember that "caged" feeling when my lads were younger, and it felt as if there was a pack of hyenas marauding around the house on wet, January days.

Amy at love made my home

It is so horrid being stuck isn't it. We have had a similar issue with flooding stopping us from getting out, we have to go a long way round and it is such a pain. Hopefully the waters will subside this week! xx


Wow, that's a lot of water. I do hope it subsides soon. Your photos are absolutely beautiful though. Hope you have a good week.

lucy locket

The floods have been terrible and I hope you haven't been too badly affected. We seem to have missed most of the bad weather. Xx


Oh Ali, those pictures are GORGEOUS. Be safe!


Such a pain, but lord. What lovely, lovely light.


so beautiful and so frustrating at the same time.... keep safe, hope it abates soon.


Wow -- it's pretty, but ... Stay Safe!


Beautiful images hope things get back to normal soon x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Gorgeous light in these images Ali.

We too live right by a river, but luckily here there is a flood plain and with the exception of a few low lying lanes everything is on high ground.

Handmade in Israel

I hope the water has subsided but... your photos are beautiful all the same!

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