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24 January 2014


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lucy locket

That's brilliant Ali! You sound very grown up with the solidity of your diary choice - I'm still floundering around choosing Willy nilly and never getting it quite right.


Brilliant, I love it. And I do love a nice Moleskin notebook/diary.

Amy at love made my home

Great way to personalise your diary!! xx


Very pretty! I've always thought Moleskin notebooks were quite plan but you've proved me wrong. x


Genius idea. Love it.


I wouldn't have the courage to begin making holes in my moleskine, you have pulled it off though.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a super idea! Simple in essence but so clever - all the best ideas are like that! Love it Ali! E x

Anne Marie

Love the idea & love your heart!


I bought two different diaries this year, trying out something new, being seduced by the novel, but it's just not working out. I will return to the bookstore tomorrow, and buy my trusty usual one page a day Collins recycled plain old plain old. And then I will be back to myself, hearts or no.


I always have a moleskin diary too - I wouldn't trust myself with an electronic planner. I love the way you've embroidered yours but I usually make an embroidered slip cover for mine


You're so funny! That heart looks like it's been knitted from here -- very clever!


I like having a calendar because I need the at a glance reminding, but having a portable diary would have it's benefits. I can't do both though, tried that once, disastrous........


I love your heart idea, you are very brave! I too, prefer the same old trusted diary, has to be by hand so I can browse better. I use the Hemmingway, hard back style and to ring the changes, (I too need to early mark the following years dates in), I chose a red one and it's tiny, so no irrelevant blurb to make life look as busy as it feels! Happy New Diary Year!

rusty {rambles}

I love this idea! And can so relate to the appeal of identical Molskines, especially when they're all neatly stacked together.

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