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10 November 2013


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I can feel so many demands on my time but I want to retreat!

rusty duck

I'm with you Ali. So many projects to get on with, but get up and go has gone. Maybe tomorrow.


Lots of mud and outdoors stuff here too. Tomorrow is my day for cleaning it all up. Hibernation does sound good though. I really struggle to get out of bed when it's cold. In the summer I am out like a ferret up a drainpipe.

Molly Severtson

Thank you for your honest words. It gives voice to what many of us feel! It warms my heart to think of women all over the world feeling the same things I do as the days come and go. Yes, much joy, but the melancholy too.


While, I, on the other hand really like these short days and find my head full of projects and plans. Cheer up Ali, it's your birthday soon!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I know what you mean Ali - somehow November can feel rather unsatisfactory. Hibernating sounds good (especially with banana bread!). Love your mug by the way. E x


I think perhaps that I am a bear.


I couldn't agree with you more, still the days start to get longer in 39 days time so make the most of the rest, snoooooze! X.

Anne Wheaton

Usually I love November with all it brings, but somehow this year has seemed a little unsettling. No idea why but you've captured it perfectly. Glorious sunshine today - though still a heap of muddy footwear.


I think perhaps that summer was so good this year that we are all finding the shortening days of winter's approach rather difficult. Of course banana bread and a cuppa in a lovely foxy mug do help a little x


Now that I have all the back yard cleared out, packing up the rest of the house doesn't need daylight...it happens morning, noon, and night. Chaos reigns here, in a big way, and my new "nest" isn't ready yet!

Magic Bean

I love these short days as much as the long ones- perhaps even a tiny bit more... light the fire, bake something squidgy and chocolatey, cook a huge pot of soup or stew, wrap yourself in gorgeous knits and hunker down. You have to ignore the mud. Or teach small boys to hoover'n'mop...

UK lass in US

We should probably swap places - 93 degrees today and it doesn't get dark 'til 6pm. I am loving that I keep being 'gifted' an extra hour since the time change, though. The dark skies keep fooling me that it's later, then I look at the clock and realise there's still plenty of time left in the day.


what a lovely thought... hybernation.

I'm all for it.


Oh I know, the day is gone in the blink of an eye. I tell you what I find cheering in the Autumn - unwrapping the maturing Christmas cake and inhaling the aroma. That's what I'll be doing, once I've got around to making it, that is.

The Coffee Lady

I do admit to loving Autumn for all the reasons you seem to dread it. Except the mud.

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