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03 December 2012


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Nina - Tabiboo

I feeling like that at the moment - the only question I keep asking myself is :: do I have time for Christmas? I'm sure I'll squeeze it in - somewhere! The kids would never forgive me.

Nina x


I don't know how we are going to shoehorn in all we have to do between now and Christmas! Top of the agenda this week is making sure we have actually planned something for the small boy's birthday which comes just a week before the big day!

I hope you are all fit and well by now and that things go a little more smoothly this week!

rusty duck

I can't believe a year can have gone past so quickly. Is it because I'm getting older? That we've lost out on a whole season along the way? That I've packed so much into it? Whatever it is, time is speeding up and it's quite scary.

janet clare

'full' just about covers it (if rather politely)- I was doing okay, this week looked just about manageable until I got a call from school... yes, add a sick boy to the list and all bets are off.


It really has arrived before time this year and December days don't tend to be of the quiet kind! Wishing you good health and some quiet moments oh, and a bit more giving into temptation - it's good for you!


Beautiful pictyres, Ali. Hope you find time to relax too. x


Lovely images.


It's a wonderful life eh?!

Magic Bean

But not bursting I hope...
Remember to breathe, Ax

Sew Create It - Jane

Glad it's not just me :o) ((hugs))


it's all admin! I've just spent a couple of hours writing Christmas cards. everyone else has gone to bed around me. one job at a time - that's my Christmas mantra.


Beautiful photos Ali.

All summer ish down here - trying to fit in Christmas and school endings and summer hols is also, um, full.

The sun's nice though.


I kept hoping if I ignored it, then it wouldn't arrive.
hope the boys are better x


Here's hoping it gets easier... with healthy children and dry feet!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Like Tess I was rather hoping December wouldn't arrive if I ignored it, but it turned up anyway! So I've semi-opted out of Christmas this year and it's such a relief!

Hope you've all recovered x


ok, spit it out... what temptations???? own up!

I'm in denial. It's not December until I say it is.

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