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26 October 2012


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I'm not a fan of autumn. Dark, wet, cold. I cheer myself up by making new woollies and doing a lot of baking and soup-making.


Roast chicken! Open fire. Casting on a scarf. Nestling under quilts. Drawing some fossils for a new project.


Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And early viewing of the Polar Express ;)


My spirits are already lifted but I will lift them some more with beef in beer, leek and potato soup and pineapple pud.

Lovely sunset picture.


It has been a bit too damp recently and we do need some cold, crisp autumn days to enjoy before all of the leaves are lost for this year. I'm looking forward to wearing the jumper I'm working on - hopefully soon because it's turned chilly! Enjoy your weekend - it sounds like you have a good one in store x


oh my that sky! I found some hazel leaves today, even when wet they were still crunchy. I jumped in them all down the road!


It's been a soggy grey day here too but we've finally broken up for half term, so when everyone got home this afternoon we grabbed woollies and walking boots and went out for a long walk in the woods. Came home to a huge plate of homemade curry (for me) and takeaway curry (for them).
Now snuggled up with a nice cuddly crochet project and a romantic comedy DVD. Perfect :o)


Gorgeous images! I just make soup and cake. Then give the cake to neighbours...

Magic Bean

I have been rather distracted by your Bridge Notice hiding in the orangey goodness. It looks most pleasing.
We have home made curry and Chelsea buns to eat. But possibly we will save the chelseas for breakfast...


Mr m is away... I have athletic training and two rugby training and two parties to go to... So it's not going to be very uplifting!



In spite of the frost this morning, I am looking forward to spending much of the weekend in the garden. I love autumn for the planting of bulbs which fill me with hope for the spring.
Also looking forward to spending half term with my dearest friend while The Teen is gallivanting in Iceland (!).
And knitting, of course!


Mmmm, cinnamon buns. Perfect for autumn.

Alice C

Your post reminded me of those Haliborange tablets. We had one every morning because my mother believed firmly that they kept away winter germs. The memory of the taste is still there. It's an autumn/winter memory.


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons....but only when it comes with blue skies and crisp temperatures.

We had snow on Friday night - not enough to lie but it was snow.

I made soda bread and butternut squash soup yesterday - that helped......


I do love autumn, but not when it's grey and drizzly. However, a week off work to recharge and revitalise should help perk things up. Carving pumpkins is always fun. But I do like the sound of cinnamon buns. Perhaps I shall take a leaf from your book...


It's been soggy here too, and then it went straight to freezing. The gloom is finally lifting today, and the sky is a nice blue to your orange!

French Knots

I enjoyed the crackling orange flames of the first autumn fire in our woodburner. Perfect cosiness.


Mmmm cinnamon buns! I might just have to copycat!

We raised our spirits with a drizzly, chilly day out yesterday walking and chatting with old friends and our soggy children! I shall be cooking the Christmas cakes tomorrow or the following day, and I'm really looking forward to a deliciously-scented kitchen.


That sky is incredible! I'm generally unobservant and the seasons tend to pass me by but I have been trying extra hard to notice Autumn this year when I've been out on my runs and walks. I'm not happy with the clock change though :o( Lucy xx


Nice bath. Patting the cats. Cuddling the grandson. Not chocolate because I'm trying to be thinner.


Wow! That sunset is so vivid, it seemed to jump off the screen at me! Made me want to watch Gone With The Wind, too.

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